Pilates Classes in Totnes & Kingsbridge

Starts 5 Sept Dates can be subject to change

thepractice offers a small team of Body Control Pilates teachers who work alongside Osteopaths to provide safe and effective small group classes to strengthen and improve general function and wellbeing.
Benefits include:

  • Improved Posture
  • Increased Strength
  • Ease of movement
  • Better Breathing patterns

£45 for a 5 week block.
£54 for 6 week block.
£63 for a 7 weeks block.

Mats and equipment are provided

Tuesdays at Birdwood House, Totnes

09:30 - Intermediate / Advanced with Jacqui
10:40 - Mixed Level with Jacqui
17:30 - Intermediate / Advanced with Jacqui
18:40 - Improvers with Jacqui

Wednesdays at Harbour House, Totnes

09:00 - Mixed Level with Jacqui
10:10 - Mixed Level with Jacqui
11:20 - Intermediate with Jacqui
12:45 - Intermediate with Jacqui
17:50 - Intermediate / Advanced with Franny
19:00 - Intermediate / Advanced with Franny

Thursdays at Birdwood House, Totnes

09:30 - Intermediate / Advanced with Jacqui
10:40 - Mixed Level with Jacqui

Saturdays at Birdwood House, Totnes

10:00 - Beginners with Tish

For Existing Clients:

Download the enrolment form

For New Clients:
Please contact Jacqui for an initial assessment or to join a group Beginners class
Please state whether you are interested in Totnes or Kingsbridge classes
Mobile: 07968 184 941 or email jacqui@thepracticeuk.com

Private Lessons at thepractice, Totnes

These are available at both Totnes and Kingsbridge and can either help you prepare to enter a group lesson safely and effectively or to devise a personal exercise programme for you.
All of our teachers are confident in working alongside our team of practitioners and we often work together to improve your treatment outcome.
To book a private lesson email enquiries@thepracticeuk.com

Spring 2017

Week beginning 9 Jan to week beginning 6 Feb (5 weeks)
Half Term (1 week)
Week beginning 20 Feb to 27 March (6 weeks)

Summer 2017

Week beginning 17 April to week beginning 22 May (6 weeks)
Half Term (1 week)
Week beginning 5 June to 17 July (7 weeks) TBC

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