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Posture at thepractice

The founding partners of thepractice, Jacqui and Simon Perks, have, by working both their respective approaches simultaneously, developed a method of safely moving the patient to better health enabling the reliance on osteopathy to become less frequent as the patient learns how to confidently strengthen the body enabling better function of the spine, shoulder and pelvic girdle.

Appointment Details

The posture clinic offers a team of osteopaths and Pilates teachers who work together to bring you a more effective treatment outcome. By combining treatment alongside a specific Pilates-based exercise programme devised for you we believe that you will often make better progress as your body will be learning how to do things better. Whether your pain/discomfort is due to workplace issues ( such as too much time slumped over the computer) or repetitive patterns of movement ( such as always a sport or even how we carry a child on the hip) we know that sooner or later the body will tire of how it is compensating and pain alerts us to a need to make a change.

Simon is a Registered osteopath and Jacqui a Body Control Pilates teacher. They have been working together for over 11 years and believe that long term changes in your health are more achievable when you, as the patient, are given the right tools to look after yourself.

You will gain a better understanding of what your body does well and what it needs to improve and perhaps why you keep needing to seek professional help on a regular basis.

Your initial appointment is with both the pilates teacher and osteopath. A full case history will be taken and, if appropriate, treatment given. In addition specific Pilates-based exercises will be taught to support the treatment.

A treatment plan will be devised and is often a combination of osteopathy and pilates 1:1 lessons.

It maybe that a focused 10 minute daily exercise plan will enable your body to hold the changes achieved by the osteopathic treatment so that you move forward in maintaining healthier functional changes in your body and become aware of the best way to look after yourself. Not only will your alignment (posture) improve but the ease in which you experience your environment.

How much

does treatment cost?

Most people visit thepractice as a private patient and pay for their treatment.

It's time to look after yourself

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