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Pilates at thepractice

Our Pilates teachers are trained to assess and progress clients safely and effectively to better health adapting exercises as appropriate. They offer both individual exercise programmes and group lessons on a daily basis to suit clients of all needs and levels.

They work closely alongside the other practitioners of thepractice confident in the knowledge that they are supported by an established team of experienced therapists such as osteopaths, acupuncturists, masseurs and a chef/nutritionist.

Together we work closely, when appropriate, as a team for a combined approach to your health creating personalised programmes and offering regular workshops that focus on specific areas of well being.

Beautiful Bone Club
Stronger Together


What is the Beautiful Bone Club?
It is both a real and online community for those wanting to focus on bone strength and joint function drawing on a Pilates-based exercise programme and is suitable for all ages. Together we will work on a bone strengthening and balance training programme as we share our journey (and practice) in the company of other good people.

By working on the deep architectural structure of the body, Pilates focuses specifically on achieving 'core stability’ improving not only your alignment (posture) but how you experience and respond to your environment.

Body Control Pilates offers a comprehensive programme of exercises that have been adapted from the ‘classical’ exercises developed by Joseph Pilates making them achievable, safe and effective. Classical exercises are taught in various incremental stages to help the body establish good movement patterns on which to build.

Jacqui trained as a Body Control teacher in 2004 and co founded thepractice in Totnes with her husband, Simon Perks, a Registered Osteopath. With over 11 years of teaching she has developed a method of safely moving her clients to better health so that the reliance on other treatments for back/hip/shoulder pain become less frequent as you yourself learn how to look after yourself.

Franny qualified as a nurse from St. Bartholomews Hospital, London in 1991. She has had a varied and enjoyable nursing career but bad movement patterns and posture had taken their toll and she found herself experiencing constant chronic pain. She found Pilates provided her with everything she needed to retrain her posture and movement patterns and is now pain free, stronger and more flexible than before. Keen to share her knowledge to help others she has recently qualified as a Body Control teacher.

  • Jacqui Perks

    Jacqui Perks

    Pilates Instructor
  • Franny Morris

    Franny Morris

    Pilates Instructor
  • Pilates Classes at thepractice

    Pilates Classes

    Totnes, Kingsbridge and throughout South Devon

In 2016 we are launching Pilates Retreats focusing on Pilates, Yoga and fantastic food that is both delicious and nutritious ! These retreats are aimed at those who want to make real changes that are achievable and sustainable in everyday life whilst enjoying good company and lovely food.
Please email for more information.

How can I secure my place for Pilates?
Your place will be held for you with payment only.
Any places that are not paid by the published date will be opened out to new enquiries.

What happens if I know I am going to miss 3 or more classes?
Please speak to your Pilates teacher if this is the case.
We can offer a £30 ‘holding’ fee so that your mat is reserved for you.
This offer aims to help those who have perhaps a medical procedure booked or are on a ‘BIG’ holiday.
This reduced fee cannot be offered on a frequent basis.
If you can make 3 of the classes in that block you are welcome to attend but please inform your teacher of your dates.
Naturally we cannot hold a space without payment.

Can I make up missed classes?
Whilst we cannot guarantee this we will always endeavour to help you ‘catch up’ a missed lesson.

This is often possible due to the generosity of other clients who let us know their ‘away’ dates.
Missed lessons cannot be carried over to the next block.
If you miss your ‘catch up’ lesson then it is treated as spent/taken.

Pilates Classes

where and when?

All classes are limited to 12 spaces and classes are paid for in advance, none of the classes are drop in so please contact Jacqui in advance.

It's time to look after yourself

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