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Shiatsu, meaning ‘finger pressure’ in Japanese, is a form of healing massage originating in the east and based on energy meridians or channels (as used in acupuncture). Receiving shiatsu is a deeply relaxing and releasing experience. A range of techniques are used including stretches, movement and pressure to bring about an adjustment of the body’s physical structure and balancing of its energy flow, whilst creating an overall sense of well-being. It is a unique form of massage, which brings together body, mind, spirit and emotions through dynamic, gentle touch. Each treatment is tailored to the recipient and their individual needs.

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Shiatsu is suitable for anyone of any age and can help in a wide range of conditions from specific injuries to more general symptoms of poor health. It can result in symptomatic relief of pain or discomfort and address underlying causes to bring about positive change. Although many people will seek out shiatsu for a specific complaint, others will come for regular sessions to help to keep the body in harmony thus alleviating stress and warding off ill-health.

My focus in working with clients is to help you to come to an understanding of the way your body is functioning, to explore ideas of what is currently happening for you and how an imbalance has occurred. Over a series of treatments I will help you to build up a picture giving you insight into your health and how to achieve and maintain a better balance using Shiatsu and awareness of how to take care of yourself.

In a first treatment and over subsequent treatments I will ask you questions about your present condition, the history leading up to this, your past medical history and your general well being.

I will be making an assessment by listening carefully to you and observing your posture, voice and how you are feeling and helping you to unravel the story behind the problem.

After a verbal history is taken you will then lie down either on a futon mattress on the floor, or on a massage couch. I can then make further observations of the quality and type of energy (ki) present and decide on which energy lines (meridians) would be most beneficial to work on.

The treatment itself will involve stretches and passive movements of limbs to help ease out stuck energy, gentle rocking of the body, the easing of tight muscles such as on the back, holding techniques using hands and fingers and deeper relaxing pressure using elbows and arms.

I will be constantly tuning in to your body checking how you are feeling and quietly helping the energy flow.

During a treatment I will give you advice to help you continue working with your health.

There are specific stretches you can do for the meridians and ways of eating that can help correct imbalances.

I will discuss with you if any forms of exercise would be beneficial for you.

You remain fully clothed throughout the session and need to wear loose fitting/stretchy comfortable clothes.

After a treatment it is advisable to take things easy for the rest of the day and not over exert your self.
Drink plenty of water to help the body flush out any toxins and keep your energy levels up.

Be gentle on yourself for a few days being aware that a treatment can slowly create change in your body for a few days and some times up to a week and you need to allow yourself to adjust to how these changes will make you feel.

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My commitment to health care started in 1982 with my nurse training. I successfully qualified and followed a career in medical nursing, accident and emergency and finally in a hospice. But my nursing left me feeling disconnected from myself and from the patients I wanted to help.

While studying meditation and ki Aikido( a marshal art) I was introduced to the idea of a different concept of medicine, a healthcare that is complementary to our orthodox medicine and found Shiatsu.

In 1991 I began my training in Shiatsu with Chris Jarmey at the European Shiatsu School in Marlborough. By the time I had Qualified in 1994, I had left nursing to devote myself to and focus fully on Shiatsu.

I have informed my work by attending post graduate courses with some of the best Shiatsu teachers, Chris Jarmey, Nicola Pooley – helping me to develop my skills of intuition, with Suzanne Yates on pregnancy and birth and recently a work shop with Bill Palmer on Movement Shiatsu.

When not working in clinics I have set up practices at home working in Wiltsire, Spain and Devon and combined my medical and Shiatsu knowledge to work with all clients and their issues.

During 1991 my work brought me to an osteopathic clinic in Warminster where I gained valuable experience in working with back problems and pain, treating clients with chronic back problems and back surgery and with clients with joint problems and other issues.

My interest in health during and after pregnancy and child birth developed after the birth of my own two children and I have had the honor of attending home births and caring for women during the ante natal through to the post natal period. Whilst living in Spain I was part of a midwifery group working to promote safe birth at home.

Working in a busy but tranquil clinic in Totnes, my work is still expanding and my experience and commitment to Shiatsu grows.

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Most people visit a Shiatsu therapist as a private patient and pay for their treatment.

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